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Call for Officer Nominations!

This year SCCEC will be electing a new Vice President and Treasurer during Representative Assembly at the Annual Conference. SCCEC has several members who are unsung heroes, who have given their time and efforts to make our organization better. Now is your chance to give back! What a perfect opportunity to contribute to our organization by serving on the Executive Committee and Board. How rewarding would it be for someone, or even you, to provide leadership and your expertise to impact education in South Carolina! We encourage you to consider someone who embodies the spirit of serving as a deserving candidate.

According to our by-laws, the elected Vice President will serve a total of 4 years. (Vice President-1 year, President-Elect- 1 year, President- 1 year, and Immediate Past President- 1 year).


Vice President (Year 1)

  1. Serve in the place of, with the authority of, the President in the absence or disability of the President and President-Elect.
  2. To assist the President in appointing all standing committees and any special committees, except the Nominations, Finance, Awards, and Conference Committee.
  3. To assist in the program planning for the Annual Conference.
  4. To conduct and coordinate Representative Assembly registration and to determine and validate the representatives to Representative Assembly.
  5. To coordinate planning for the training other than Conference.
  6. To make an annual report to the SCCEC President for Representative Assembly.


Treasurer serves a 3- Year term.

(elected every 2 years, in odd years with one year as a transition year with the newly elected Treasurer)

  1. To serve as custodian of all funds of SCCEC.
  2. To pay for expenses approved by the Executive Board and on the authorization of two of the following: the President, the Immediate Past President, the President-Elect, or the Vice President.
  3. To submit records of collections and disbursements for audits.
  4. To make financial report in writing to the Executive Committee and Executive Board at each called meeting.
  5. To transfer all funds and records to the new Treasurer after the end of the administrative term.
  6. To serve as chairperson of the finance Committee.
  7. To make an annual report to the SCCEC President for Representative Assembly.

Interested in serving? Please complete the nomination form below!

Nomination Form

Posted:  27 October, 2022

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